Sri Lanka – The Nature Lover’s Haven

Varied as the island itself the wildlife in Sri Lanka ranges from elephants and leopards, a variety of bird and to the most amazing ocean life. With many species endemic to the island, Sri Lanka boasts a rich and diverse fauna and flora.

About 12% of the land area is designated for wildlife preservation, and a range of safari parks and sanctuaries offer easy access to this unique experience of up-close glimpses of Sri Lanakan wildlife in their natural habitat.

Sri Lanka is home to about 91 species of mammals, 171 species of reptiles, over 106 species of amphibians, claiming the highest amphibian species density in the world, and 227 species of birds. Out of the 91 species of mammals, the large Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, the Sri Lankan Leopard, the Sri Lankan Elephant and the Sambar are endemic. The reptiles include the Mugger Crocodile and the Saltwater Crocodile and a variety of snakes. The birds consist of resident, visitors and migrants with 26 species endemic to the island.

To make the best of your visit to Sri Lanka, its best to plan in advance the areas to visit so as to experience the best of Sri Lankan wildlife. Depending on the area the kind of wildlife may differ and it is best to have an idea of the habitants of the different regions, parks and sanctuaries. Get the facts about  best spots to stay for a nature lover see this.

The Yala National Park boasts an area of 1259 square kilometres and is the biggest national park in the island. Yala West is home to leopards, elephants, deer, peacock and other animals and Yala East is home to a wide range of birds. The 260 square kilometre Gal Oya National Park, about 314 kilometres from Colombo, is surrounded by Sri Lanka’s largest tank the Senenayake Samudra, and is home to a variety of animals. The Uda Walawe National Park, located 170 km southeast of Colombo, is largely inhabited by elephants and is also home to various other animals such as spotted deer, crocodiles, foxes and leopards. Bordered by the Mahaweli River, the Wasgamuwa National Park is about 200 kilometres way from Colombo. Wasgamuwa is home to elephants, sloth bears, leopards and spotted deer. The Horton Plains National Park is situated 200 kilometres from Colombo, amidst the hills of Nuwara Eliya and is home to a variety of birds and other animals.

With a mammoth population of about 2500 – 3000, elephants can be seen throughout the island in most wildlife parks. For the elephant enthusiast the best spectacle would be the seasonal movement of the elephants at the Minneriya Lake; a gathering of about 300 elephants travelling from Wasgamuwa and Trincomalee during the dry season of June to September.

The island’s top predator, the Sri Lankan Leopard is one of the nine known subspecies of leopard. The Yala and Wilpattu National Parks are home to this endangered elusive cat with the Yala Park boasting some of the biggest numbers in terms of leopard density around the world. Whilst at the National Parks, look out for the Fishing Cat, a skilled swimmer, searching for pray in marshes and ponds, the Spotted Deer replenishing itself at watering holes, the interesting Purple Faced Langur and the magnificent Sambar.

Top 10 Teeth Whitening Myths

Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic dentistry procedure used to lighten or whiten the shade of the teeth. Every year thousands if not millions of people combine to spend over $10 billion on cosmetic teeth whitening procedures.Do you want to learn more? Visit teeth whitening.

If you are thinking of getting your teeth whitened, you should first see your dentist to check your teeth for cavities and gum disease. Your dentist can also clean your teeth to remove any surface stains. Before you whiten your teeth, you should know some basic facts about teeth whitening. There is much information in ads, magazines and on the Internet about teeth whitening, but it is important to separate fact from fiction so that you can make the best teeth whitening decisions. Below are the Top 10 Myths About Teeth Whitening.

1. All teeth whitening gels are the same-There is a wide range in strength of whitening gels. The strongest whitening gels are used by the dentist for in-office whitening procedures. The next strongest whitening gels are given to you by your dentist to be used at home. The weakest gels are bought over-the-counter.

2.All teeth whiten the same-In fact, all teeth do not whiten the same. Yellow teeth typically whiten better than gray teeth. A person with yellow teeth would typically see more dramatic whitening results compared to a person with gray teeth.

3.I have to get the strongest gel so that my teeth can get whitest-Although the strongest gels used by the dentist in the dental office would whiten your teeth fastest, you may be able to achieve similar whitening results if you just use a medium-strength whitening gel given by your dentist to be used at home for a longer time.

4.Whitening toothpastes bleach teeth-Very few if any whitening toothpastes actually can chemically whiten your teeth. In fact, most if not all of the whitening toothpastes contain only mechanical abrasive products that help you scrub off surface stains when brushing.

5.It may take weeks to see results-Though many over-the-counter products with milder whitening agents may take weeks to work, you can sometimes see dramatic results in less than an hour from whitening procedures done by your dentist in the dental office. Sometimes, people can experience eight or more shades brighter in less than an hour.

6.Veneers, crowns, and tooth colored fillings will be whitened just like my teeth-If you have veneers, crowns or tooth-colored fillings and whiten your teeth, you may be disappointed after whitening that your veneers, crowns, or fillings no longer match the color of your teeth. This is because the whitening gel does not affect the shade of your restorations. If you need veneers, crowns, or fillings, ask your dentist if you can wait until after teeth whitening to do them. Otherwise you may need to get them redone after your teeth are whitened.

7.Tooth whitening is without side effects-Whitening your teeth may cause tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. That is why before you whitening your teeth, you should see your dentist to check for cavities, exposed roots, or gum disease to minimize problems after bleaching.

8.Dental insurance will pay for teeth whitening-Unfortunately, teeth whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by most dental insurance plans.

9.Whitening kits given by the dentist are the same as the ones purchased over the counter-In order to have maximum effect on your teeth, the whitening gel must equally cover your teeth. Because everybody has different sizes and shapes of teeth, it may be difficult for the gel placed in a generic stock tray to equally cover your teeth, especially if your teeth are crooked. The whitening kits given by the dentist have a custom-made tray to hold the whitening gel evenly on all your teeth. In addition, the whitening gel given by the dentist is stronger.

10.Once my teeth are whitened, they will stay white forever-After you get your teeth whitened, you will have to continually maintain your whitening results by periodically using whitening treatments at home. Otherwise, your teeth will slowly darken over time. Avoiding intensely colored beverages such as coffee, tea, wine, or orange juice can prolong the whitening results.

Choose Quality Nutrition Supplements

It is hard to discern the truth about the nutritional health supplements available on the market today. How do you know which of the nutritional vitamin supplements to pick? Some of the questions I believe are important are the following:

Questions regarding Nutritional Health Supplement choices:

*Is this a quality nutritional health supplement that will meet my nutritional demands, does it work?

*Is this a fair price for this specific nutritional health supplement?

*Is this vitamin supplement going to make me feel better or is it going to just fill a need for my body, will I notice a difference?

*What is the difference between grocery store nutritional health supplements and physician distributed nutritional supplements? If you wish to learn more about this, visit pros and cons.


*How long do I need to take this particular nutritional health supplement?

Is this a quality nutritional health supplement that will meet my nutritional demands, does it work?

As far as the quality of any given nutritional health supplement it is important to choose quality. You would not choose to eat produce that is spoiled or rotten so why would you choose a supplement that you do not know how it was manufactured or where the ingredients come from? There are a lot of nutritional health supplements on the market that contain a lot of fillers and synthetic ingredients that can put stress on the body just trying to process them, namely the digestive tract, kidneys and liver.

Is this a fair price for this specific nutritional health supplement?

The prices for quality nutritional health supplement are going to be a little higher because they are made with quality ingredients. I often warn patients against getting the bargain two for one price at the grocery store for glucosamine chondroitin because when I ask them to bring it in all I see is those two ingredients. There are often times when the body needs synergistic nutrition (other nutrients) in order to fully utilize the nutritional health supplement you are taking. The body is very complex and it is important to know you are supporting it correctly. Total Joint Relief by Nutriwest has all the synergistic nutrition in order to support the joints. I also cringe when there is a sale on the fish oils. Please know that it is easy for fish oils to go rancid and this is not something you want in your body. High quality fish oils are a must. My favorite is Metagenics EPA/DHA Extra Strength Enteric Coated. These are quality fish oils in a great ratio and enteric coated which greatly minimizes or completely eliminates any burping up of the fish oils.

Is this nutritional vitamin supplement going to make me feel better or is it going to just fill a need for my body, will I notice a difference?

Depending on how severe your nutritional vitamin deficiency is and how important that nutrient is to the body will depend on whether or not you will feel a difference on that particular nutritional health supplement. The fact is the fruits and vegetables we eat only have a fraction of the nutrients they use to due to depleted soils. Therefore to support your diet with quality nutritional health supplements is a must to remain healthy. You can also look to family genetics to see if you need support in a particular area of your health.

What is the difference between grocery store nutritional health supplements and physician distributed nutritional supplements?
The nutritional health supplements exclusively sold by physicians or health practitioners are referred to as nutraceutics, pharmaceutical grade nutrition or high-grade quality nutritional supplements. They are more concentrated, have better manufacturing processes and have been proven to work through studies and patients. These nutritional health supplements are also mostly sold through physicians so the patient can be monitored for any side effects. So it is of utmost importance that you read any and all contraindications to any of the quality nutritional supplements you purchase.

How long do I need to take this particular nutritional health supplement?
The duration of taking the supplements will depend on the nutritional health supplement you choose and how severe the illness or deficiency. There are great testing methods that are now available to determine what your needs are. They are not the blood tests normally done in your medical doctors office, they are specific tests to determine if you are deficient in certain minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidant levels. With this information you will be given timelines and dosages for taking your specific nutritional health supplements. However, as a basic support program I would include the following listed below as a minimum nutritional health supplement program and then use other more specific nutritional health supplements for other needs or concerns that need addressed. For example: Ultrameal Plus by Metagenics to bring down cholesterol or triglycerides and Core Level Lung by Nutriwest after an upper respiratory infection or for damaged caused by smoking. Most people do not realize that when you get sick and take a drug, although the illness is no longer showing symptoms your body is still in repair and most likely needs some quality nutritional health support to continue to heal that area and or tissues. This is a great way to work with traditional medicine.

Different Materials Used For Home Siding

The external covering of a house which is meant to shed water and protect it from the effects of weather is known as siding. A number of homeowners in many US cities like Baltimore and Brooklyn prefer to use materials like bricks or stone to make the siding of their homes.

There are a number of different materials used for siding for homes, each with their own benefits and disadvantages. Depending on the climate of various places, certain materials are preferred for sidings over others. Here is a list of various types of sidings which are available:Pop over to this web-site how to choose materials for home siding.

1.Vinyl or Aluminum: Gaining popularity in newer homes, these materials are also sometimes used to cover the older sidings of a residence. The benefit of aluminum or vinyl sidings is that these do not require painting. On the other hand, the main disadvantages are that aluminum sidings tend to dent and the cracks form on vinyl ones.

2.Masonite: It is often seen that the quality of the sidings made of Masonite goes down as time goes by and requires proper care like painting and routine upkeep.

3.Stone or Brick: These materials are best suited for the construction of a siding. Baltimore residents are amongst those in US who prefer either bricks or stones for sidings, simply because these made out of bricks or stones look very attractive and are practically indestructible. However, in spite of all these benefits there is one drawback of these constructions which is the high price.

4.Stucco: Made of cement stuccos offer a solid, moisture proof, and a long lasting siding. Stucco also helps in keeping the house cooler during the summer time.

5.Cedar Shakes: This is a perfect alternative to Masonite walling because it does not require much maintenance. When properly stained, Cedar Shakes do not peel off or rot.

6.Steel and Vinyl Coatings: When it comes to construction of sidings, the popularity of this material is rising day by day. These require little maintenance but are quite expensive. On the steel bodies, vinyl coatings are applied. However, since it is comparatively a newer material very few companies actually know how to apply the coating correctly.

Trading Brokers in Foreign Exchange Market?

What is Forex Trading

The Forex trading or foreign exchange market can be defined or explained as a place generally where foreign currencies are traded. For forex, trading currencies are an important or essential factor. Currencies also play a vital or important role around the world as currencies need to be exchanged for the purpose of conducting or carrying foreign trade and business. For instance, if you or your organization are intending to purchase cheese from the country of France and your venture is based on the United States then you will have to pay the French people in Euros or EUR. And, in the United States of America, the currency is the dollar. So, while paying them the money one needs to provide in Euros. The same thing can happen also in case of tourism and in any other purpose. For this reason, in this case, you will be needing to exchange the money from dollar to euro and this process of exchange is known as exchanging of foreign currency or forex trading.

Image result for Trading Brokers in Foreign Exchange Market?

Foreign currency exchange market or forex trading is considered to be one of the most liquid financial marketplaces in the world generating a quite good profit margin. And the most important reason behind its success is the need to exchange foreign currencies. As per specific reports, it says that per day through foreign currency exchanging approximately around 2,000 billion US dollar is generated per day and that indeed makes other business smaller even considering the stock market. This indeed is quite a profit margin.Checkout trading 212 review for more info.

Who is a Trading Broker?

When it comes to defining a trading broker also termed as a retail forex broker, or currency trading broker it can be explained as an intermediary or person who purchases and sells a particular asset or assets on the basis of commission.

Forex trading brokers can also be defined as firms that bestow currency traders with access to the trading platform and allows them to purchase as well as sell foreign currency. Generally, a currency trading broker associates with these brokers to get hold or access the 24-hour currency trading market.

Before hiring a broker or agent it is essential for you to study and gather in-depth knowledge about the forex broker because though forex trading is a profitable business but it incurs the fear of losing money. So, while conducting a business top trading brokers need to be consulted.

Labor compliant – Intro

Employees walk by them almost everyday and seemingly pay no attention, but they should. They spell out their rights and obligations under national and state employment laws. What are they? These ubiquitous but overlooked bulletin board and wall hangings are labor law posters that have been mandated for conspicuous display by both the federal and state governments, which means their number, content and details can come in any number of variations. But they all get down to the bottom line of running a business – the safety, welfare and protection of the nation’s working class. To get more information try out here  how do I know I am labor compliant

State and federal laws impose numerous requirements and prohibitions on American businesses, but one of the most overlooked obligations for employers is the responsibility to conspicuously post various government labor law notices in the workplace. The purpose of these labor law posters is to inform employees of their rights under applicable laws and provide information on how to report discrimination, wage and hour violations and other rights infringements to the government.

While many employers do not readily embrace the idea of conspicuously posting information that tells their employees how to bring legal action against them, the obligation to display these notices is explicit in various labor laws and government regulations. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), for example, includes a provision requiring all covered employers to display the federal minimum wage poster in an area frequented by employees. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations specifically require employers to post a federal safety and health poster or a state equivalent. Failure to comply with government labor law posting requirements could lead to citations and fines during an inspection. Fines vary by poster and by enforcing agency, ranging from as low as $110 up to a potential maximum of $10,000. In total, businesses that don’t post these required notices or post outdated information could face combined fines up to $17,000 per location.

As a businessperson, you’re probably well aware of the numerous bureaucratic requirements imposed on your business by various enforcing agencies, such as consumer protection laws, record-keeping and financial reporting requirements, and other laws regulating your service or industry. Worrying about posting requirements is a low priority at most businesses. So how do you ensure worry-free compliance with these mandatory posting requirements to safeguard your business from possible fines?

Cover All Bases
The list of posters your company may be required to display could be lengthy depending on what state you conduct business in and how many employees you have. Unfortunately, researching exactly what to post and where to obtain them can be a frustrating, time-consuming process. While the Internet is a great tool for conducting this research, be leery of what you find even on government sites, as many agencies clearly explain what they specifically require to be posted but fail to mention that other notices from other agencies are also required.

Important Information About Home Siding Options

Siding is a barrier meant to protect buildings from the effects of weather. There are a variety of options available to homeowners. Wood, plastic, metal, and masonry siding each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and some are better suited for specific types of weather than others. The proper material for your home will depend on the climate of its surrounding environment, the appearance you are seeking to achieve, and what you are able to afford.

Wood siding may be installed in horizontal rows. This is called clapboard, and it is often made from hard woods such as redwood or cedar. Wood shingles are another popular wood cladding option, though they provide less insulation than clapboard. Wood cladding has the advantage of being very versatile in appearance, as it can be painted in any color palette. Wood cladding is easily installed and repaired, but it requires regular maintenance which may make it impractical for those who regularly spend long periods of time away from home. It is also threatened by ants and termites which, along with the regular required treatment, serve to increase its long-term cost.Pop over to this web-site siding options.

Plastic siding is often made to imitate the appearance of clapboard or wood shingles. Vinyl and uPVC are the most common materials used in plastic cladding. It has become one of the most popular siding options because it is cheap, long-lasting, and easily installed. Its only downfalls are that it provides no insulation by itself (necessitating the use of internal insulation) and that it is not easily disposed of. Currently, plastic siding is not recycled.

Metal siding is most often used on industrial buildings. Imitation clapboard was once chiefly made from aluminum, although this use has fallen in favor to vinyl. Aluminum cladding is still one of the best options for use in coastal areas, as it reacts with the air to form a resilient coating of aluminum oxide which protects it from corrosive effects. Although steel cladding can rust in similar conditions, it is more resistant to denting than aluminum. Metal cladding can be heavy and therefore difficult to install. Its primary strength is that, unlike most other options, it is resistant to fire.

Masonry siding materials include brick and stone. It can be incorporated into a variety of styles and, like wood siding, be painted in any palette. Masonry cladding’s greatest strength is its durability, some lasting over a century with minimal maintenance. The main environmental threat to masonry cladding is precipitation. If the brick or stone is not treated or improperly installed, it will not serve as an effective moisture barrier. The only drawback to masonry is its cost: it is significantly more expensive than wood, plastic, or metal.

Choose The Right Pest Control Services For Your Needs

Choosing a pest control service can be tough these days, with so many to choose from it’s hard to know where to start. However, you should always take your time over your decision, as like with everything in life, there are good options to take, and bad ones. You must look at how well the pest control services run, and how they do their business, so that when you call them to your commercial or residential property, you know they’re going to do the job well, and make ends meet for you.

You’d be surprised how many pest control services out there do a bad job, they don’t care much for their clients, and all they want is your money in their pockets, then they’ll disappear forever. Well every good business owner knows that’s not the way to get repeat clients and good business, and that’s what every decent business should be aiming for. You simply have to take a little time researching a company before you go with them, just so that you know you’ve spent your cash well.Learn the facts here now

So now that we know how to look for a good company, lets look at some common yet disturbing pest issues that people run into, just so that you can be sure you know when to call up a pest control service, to come and exterminate or prevent pests from entering your property. With so many different types of pests, and them changing every season with climates and weather conditions, we must always be alert and on the lookout for possible infestations, and nests or colonies forming both in our gardens and homes. If we can prevent nests and colonies from forming, we aren’t doing too badly, maybe you just have some foraging bees hovering around your plants. If you do have foraging bees in your garden or at your windows near plants, unfortunately the only way to rid them is by removing your plants.

The worst case scenario you can face, is if nests and colonies are forming in your wall, ceiling or other area cavities. When pests infest cavities, much bigger issues arise, and you could find yourself digging deep into your pockets to fully fix the problem. Firstly you will have to call out pest control services to exterminate the pests, then you will most likely have to remove the affected wall area, and get rid of the dead pests and other substances, then repair the wall. The reason you must do this is because a ghastly stench can emerge from the cavity from the dead pests, which should never be left to rot.

Choose Jewelry Repair Service

Jewelry has been a huge part of our culture from the beginning of time. It can be used for multiple purposes and it can be significant to us in various ways. Since jewelry is really valuable, it is not always easy for us to give them to just any jeweler when it needs proper maintenance and repair. For this, it is important to choose a reputable and knowledgeable jewelry repair in Tulsa, OK to give you a peace of mind. The main purpose of a jewelry repair service is to meet all of your needs and expectations as your trusted caretaker for your valuable pieces. Doing some research and getting some recommendations is your best option.Have a look at jewelry repair  for more info on this.

There are many factors that you have to consider when choosing a jewelry repair in Tulsa, OK. To help look for the best one that will attend to your needs and desires, the following suggestions can help you make your decision:

  • Quotes: Before any work is done, it is best to work with a jewelry repair service that can take a look at your jewelry in advance to make sure that they can do the work and give you a quote beforehand. Once you know the quote, they can have your approval to do the work and you will not have to be surprised when it is time to pay.
  • Range of Services: Before choosing a jewelry repair service, you should know the kind of services they can provide for your jewelry. Do they provide cleaning and general maintenance? Do they offer extensive jewelry repairs? While most all jewelry repair services can accommodate these kind of requests, they might be sending your jewelry to another location rather than completing their services on site. You want to talk to the jeweler to know more about their services to see if they can perform what you need, and if their services will be done on their premises.
  • Knowledgeable Jewelers: When you are working with a team of jewelers, it is important that they can answer all of your questions with ease and confidence. If they provide you with descriptive answers and their own personal opinions are based on facts, then you know that they are a fit for the job. However, if they cannot, it is a good sign for you to walk away. Do not hesitate to leave if they refuse to answer your question or if they are not providing much help. Some workers who may not perform the job may even direct you to someone else who can assist you. All of the questions you ask matters, and you deserve to have all of your questions answered. A respected jeweler should also go out of their way to teach you their methods in a way where you can understand it. If they know what they are doing, they will keep you in the loop in order to give you a sense of trust through their work.
  • Personal Jewelers: Having personal jewelers means that they will always be on your side. They will share with you what is best for your jewelry and they will go the extra mile to make you happy. Personal jewelers are not likely to rip you off, but instead, they will be honest and upfront with you. It is their goal and mission to do the necessary repairs in order to get your jewelry back to its original condition. They will aim to find out what you want even if it takes awhile. They rarely decline work and will instead find ways to get it done, or they will refer you to someone who can deliver your needs.
  • Credibility: Before selecting a jewelry repair, it is important to find out if they have the proper certifications to do the job, and inquire if they are willing to provide any client references as proof.

Caring for Your Lawn-Tips for Hiring a Lawn Care Service

Hiring a lawn care service to help ensure your lawn is lush and green all year round is a great feeling, however, it is a task that should not be taken lightly. Too many people simply make a few phone calls to various lawn care companies in their area and then go with the one that is the cheapest. This can end up costing you in the long run. Here are some tips that will help you choose a great lawn care service: Caring for your lawn is an excellent resource for this

Image result for Caring for Your Lawn-Tips for Hiring a Lawn Care Service

Ask Around: Is there anything better than word of mouth? Ask friends and family who they use and recommend for lawn care and then make some phone calls from there. You can even stop by that house with the lawn that you admire so much and knock on their door then inquire who they use for their lawn care company.

Check Licensing: Make sure that any lawn service company you consider is fully licensed and insured. Sure, you can save some money by hiring one that isn’t, but then you are not covered if something goes wrong while the lawn care company is on your property.

Look at Portfolios: Any quality lawn company will have a portfolio of their best work for you to look at. When you are interviewing various companies, be sure to ask to see their portfolios. If they say they don’t have one, then you should continue on with your search as they are either very new to the industry or very bad at what they do.

Get References: While you are in the process of the interview with a lawn care company you can always ask them to furnish you with a list of references. Again, if they are worth a darn, they will have the list ready and waiting for you. If they say that they can’t provide you with such a list, then you need to end the interview and move on.

Get it in Writing: Make sure that you are clear on what the lawn service company will be doing for you. Once you are sure, be certain you get a signed service contract so that you have in writing exactly what it is that they will be doing for you for the price they quoted you.

Check out Other Work: Another useful way to help you determine which lawn care service to go with is to ask them for a list of their most recent projects both large and small. This will be different from their portfolio and their reference list and they may not have this ready, but should be able to give it to you before the interview is over. Once you have it, take some time and drive by the places on the list. Then you can see for yourself how good or bad of a job they actually do.

When you take the time to research lawn care companies just a bit you are taking the time to ensure your law will get the best care possible. While there are many lawn care services that you can go out and get, they will not all be one and the same and it pays to put in a little effort to guarantee a lush lawn everyday of the year.