About Speeding Ticket

Hiring an attorney to fight a speeding ticket sounds like over-kill to many people. After all, lawyers’ fees are often quite high, they think, and the speeding ticket will typically only be a couple hundred dollars at the most. While at first thought, this may sound accurate, but the fact is speeding tickets really start costing people money only after a few months have passed. Most people today simply pay their ticket speeding ticket and then forget all about it. They are then surprised when their insurance company raises their premiums, sometimes by several hundred dollars or more per year. The big expense related to a speeding ticket is the fact that you also get points on your license which are then used to increase your insurance premium. These points typically stay on your driver’s license for 4 years or longer which means you’ll be paying higher premiums for quite a long time. Even a small ticket can end up costing you thousands of dollars over the next several years, and bigger tickets are significantly more. Finding a good lawyer is the best way to fight a ticket so you don’t have to worry about all these added expenses.┬áTo get more information try out here what are Florida’s most ticketed areas for speeding

Speeding Ticket Lawyers can Save You Money

When you hire a qualified traffic lawyer to fight your speeding ticket you will have to pay the fee for being represented, but it will likely be lower than you expect. Fighting speeding tickets does not require countless hours of preparation and negotiating with a judge so the total bill will be quite reasonable. If the attorney can have your ticket dismissed it is possible that you’ll save more just in the fine associated with the ticket than you had to pay for the lawyer. Even if the lawyer fees were more than the fine, you’re also going to save more money over the next several years by keeping your insurance premiums from going up due to the points on your license. People who already have some points on their license will be able to save even more if they can have a speeding ticket thrown out because the insurance companies won’t have the extra points to raise your rates. The more points on your license, the higher your rates go up so keeping the points as low as possible is the best way to ensure you are not paying extraordinary premiums.

Speeding Ticket- When to Hire an Attorney

While some people only hire an attorney to fight their speeding citation when they are going over 20MPH above the speed limit and others only do it when they get a reckless driving citation, it is actually best to call on every ticket. Even a small speeding citation can have huge long term impacts on your insurance premiums and driving rights. Fighting every citation you get is the best way to ensure you don’t run into major financial or driving problems down the road.