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Eye Exam Intervals and Preparation

Different people should receive complete eye exams at different intervals. Children’s eyes should be examined at six months of age, three years of age, and six or seven years of age and every two years during school days, since high vision problem rates are reported among both preschool and school-aged children. For children with risk factors of vision problems such as prematurity, developmental delays, turned eyes, family history of eye diseases and history of eye injury, more frequent eye exams are necessary.Checkout Eye Exams for more info.

Adults at different ages need eye exams in different frequencies. Based on American Optometric Association (AOA), among people less than 40 years old, one exam every two or three years is enough for those with normal vision, while an annual exam is required for those wearing eyeglasses or contacts. People with diabetes, high blood pressure and other disorders may also require more frequent eye exams. People above 40 need eye exams every one to two years and people over 60 need annual exams, in case of age-related problems such as presbyopia, cataracts and macular degeneration.

In the United States, ophthalmologists, optometrists, as well as opticians can conduct regular eye exams. Ophthalmologists are the most professional since they are exclusively licensed to perform eye surgeries. Optometrists can prescribe certain medications and minor surgical procedures, while opticians are only entitled to adjust and repair glasses, or fit your contacts.

A basic complete eye exam should contain several items: family eye history review, distance and near vision evaluation, current eye prescription determination, eye coordination evaluation and internal and external eye healthy examination. You should be clear of all these items as well as the exact charge at the time you make an appointment with your doctor. Exam fees for contact lens fitting, laser-surgery evaluation and pediatric testing are higher than that of regular exams. You should check your vision insurance benefits for potential discount, since exam fees vary widely from discount outlets to surgical offices.

For better exam results, you need to take necessary documents and cards of yourself and your family members. Your vision insurance card is needed if you want to get any discount. For your eyes full evaluation, your major medical health care cards and recent prescription glasses or contacts may be useful to provide additional eye exam aspects. A list of your prescription medications can help the doctor learn your complete health history. Of course, you can bring your interested questions.

Visit East Coast Injury Clinic

If you are considering visiting a chiropractic clinic, it would be a good idea to learn a little bit about the practice of chiropractic. Chiropractic is a discipline of medicine that is non invasive, and does not involve the use of surgery or drugs. The most common treatment involves the physical manipulation of your body, usually focusing on the back and neck. This is referred to as a spinal adjustment. The basic premise behind these adjustments is the belief that the spine and general health are fundamentally related. By avoiding medication and surgery, doctors of chiropractic minimize risk to patients. East Coast Injury Clinic has some nice tips on this.

The origination of chiropractic is credited to D. D. Palmer in the late 19th century. There are now more than 55,000 chiropractors in the United States. Not all chiropractic clinics are created equal. When you are selecting a chiropractic clinic it is a good idea to call beforehand to make sure the philosophy and specialization of the chiropractor is in line with your needs as a patient. Many chiropractic clinics have specialties in the same way that traditional doctors have. Specialties can include sports injuries, chronic pain, accident rehabilitation, and many others.

The practice of chiropractic shares many qualities with other physical manipulation therapies including massage therapy and physical therapy. There are similarities between these professions, but the main difference is the intense focus that chiropractic has on the spine. Chiropractic practitioners are also more concerned with the nervous system than the other therapy providers.

Your first visit to a chiropractic clinic will almost always be a consultation. This is so the doctor can make an informed decision on how to proceed with your treatment. This consultation usually consists of a medical history, a description of all symptoms (even the ones that you may not believe are related to back or neck pain), and usually an x-ray. After this initial consultation you are on your way to your first adjustment.

Details About Captain Carpet Cleaners

Carpet is an expensive investment and you want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. This article will give you three things that can damage your carpeting. These are things that you probably would not think about. The first thing that can damage your carpets is house plants. You should try to avoid placing plants on carpeting. If you do have to place them on carpets make sure that they have a good drain pan underneath them. What can happen is when you water the plant it could overflow. The water that overflows is rich in Nitrogen from the potting soil and it can chemically burn your carpeting. This will leave a permanent stain. So if you must put your plant on the carpet try not to over water them and make sure you have a good pan under them. click to read more

Another thing that can damage your carpet is wooden furniture legs. Wooden legs, especially from antique furniture, can leave varnish stains on the carpet. It doesn’t take much moisture to cause them to stain your carpet. There can be enough moisture in the air on a humid day to cause this. To prevent stains, use furniture pads underneath the legs of wooden furniture.

The last obscure thing that can damage your carpet is a rolling office chair. Rolling chairs will wear your carpeting out very quickly. It would be better to use a chair without wheels on carpet but if you must use a rolling chair make sure that you use a chair pad. Carpet can be very expensive. By keeping an eye out for hidden dangers you can greatly extend the life of your carpets.

Tips on Losing Weight-Secrets Revealed

It is the desire of many to lose weight and achieve a fit and toned body. Just look at the countless books, food supplements, diet programs and tips to lose weight that can supposedly help everyone. It is estimated that the whole health and fitness industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars already. This just shows that people are more than willing to part with their hard-earned dollars to get their hands on tips to lose weight that really work and achieve a fitter and sexier body. Mind you, weight loss products are not cheap. Some cost hundreds, thousands of dollars even. But the baffling thing is, as the number of weight loss products increases and as more and more tips to lose weight are being churned out, it seems that the number of overweight people are still on the rise.

This indicates that there is a lack of actual programs, products and tips for weight loss that really work and that there are many unscrupulous individuals who are simply taking advantage of people who are desperate to have a lean and fit body. The truth is, you don’t need to spend thousands even hundreds of dollars just to lose weight. There are proven tips to burn fat that are proven and are very effective in trimming fat and won’t cost you a fortune. Below are some free tips to lose weight that you can start employing RIGHT NOW to shed off some pounds. news

1.Drink lots of water. Drinking water helps to flush out toxins and increase metabolism in the process. This is one of the best tips to lose fat that one can get.

2.Never skip meals. Skipping meals can actually lower your metabolism so avoid it at all cost.

3.Increase physical activity. There is only one formula for weight loss that works. Lessen calorie

intake and increase the amount calories that you burn. Diet takes care of the first part, exercise takes care of the last.

4.Do not deprive yourself. Depriving oneself can only lead to binge eating.

5.Drink tea. Tea contains a substance known as Polyphenol which can increase metabolism and body heat, thus working double time in burning fat. And among the teas available, one stand above the rest is the Wu-Yi Tea or Oolong Tea. Follow the proven tips to shed pounds above to jump start your efforts to lose weight. The best thing about these tips to lose weight is that following them doesn’t cost a fortune.

Choose The Best Teeth Whitening Product

Choosing the best teeth whitening products will depend on the individual and their needs. Many individuals are concerned with whitening their teeth for a variety of reasons, such as for pictures being made, a new career, or just because they want to have whiter teeth. There are several whitening products and systems to choose from, such as gels, trays, rinses, strips, whitening toothpastes, and teeth bleaching products you may purchase from your dentist. Although many people are interested in making their teeth whiter, these products and systems are not recommended for everyone, such as those individuals who have sensitive tetth or unhealthy teeth and gums. So, if you are interested in having your teeth brighter, it may be in your best interest to first consult a dentist before purchasing over-the-counter products or professionally having your teeth whitened in order to make sure your teeth and gums are health enough for a whitening procedure.

Due to teeth bleaching becoming more and more popular, there are several varieties of over the counter teeth bleaching products and systems at local retail and drug stores available for purchase. Some individuals may choose to have their teeth whitened professionally which takes less time than at-home whitening systems, but can be a lot more expensive. Professionals generally use light therapy in order to speed up the bleaching action of hydrogen peroxide. This can be done at a teeth whitening center that is supervised by a dentist or can be done in your dentist’s office. It is the quickest, most successful and expensive way of having your teeth whitened. view

Although having your teeth bleached professionally is the quickest and most effective way of whitening your teeth, there are over the counter products which take only a few hours before seeing results. Individuals with yellowish tones on their teeth generally respond the best to these procedures. Over the counter whitening are products are much cheaper than going to a professional to have your teeth whitened and with today’s technology it is just as safe and effective.

One of the recent improvements to the teeth whitening products is the addition of a portable blue light. After applying the whitening gel to your teeth you simply turn on the light and hold it up to your teeth during the duration of your teeth whitening time. Studies have shown that this blue light not only speeds up whitening time but it also provides a much deeper whitening process that lasts much longer when compared to whitening solutions that do not use a whitening light.

Having a healthy smile, including whiter teeth, can say a lot about an individual which is the reason so many people are becoming more and more interested in the cosmetic appearance of their teeth. There are several over the counter whitening products available so having whiter teeth can be possible for almost anyone. Traditionally the only way to have your teeth made more white was to have a dentist do it, but science has made it possible for these procedures to be done at home by every day people.

What Are Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are generally defined as injury to the brain caused by an external source. TBI are classified as acquired brain injuries in that they occur after birth and traumatic in that damage is caused by force or penetration rather than internal injury such as stroke or aneurysm. They are most often classified by mechanism of injury, severity, and anatomical area of the injury. The most common injury to the brain results from pressure caused by swelling or bleeding into the cranial cavity.

Traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of death and disability around the world. The leading causes of TBI are firearms and vehicle accidents with the majority of firearm injuries resulting from suicide attempts. Worldwide between 70-90% of TBI treated are classified as mild. Men suffer TBI nearly twice as often as women; however women are more likely to have a poor outcome. Firearm injuries have the lowest survival rate at 9%.

Signs and symptoms vary according to the severity of the injury. Mild TBI symptoms include loss of consciousness for a few seconds to minutes, headache, nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, and dizziness. Moderate to severe injury results in repeated vomiting, confusion, agitation, blown pupils, slurred speech, and inability to awaken.

The basis for determining the severity of TBI is the Glasgow Coma Scale which rates a person’s level of consciousness on a scale from 3-15. A score between 13-15 indicates mild TBI and a more favorable outcome. Scores between 9-12 denote moderate damage and a score between 3-8 points to severe damage and a poor outcome. Other diagnostic models also take into consideration the duration of post trauma amnesia and duration of loss of consciousness.

Diagnostic tests used include computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-rays, and angiography. CT scans are the most widely used diagnostic tool in an emergency situation although MRI’s often reveal greater detail. X-rays are used less often and angiography is most often used to help detect blood vessel trauma. this site explains

Immediately following a traumatic brain injury the primary focus in treatment is insuring adequate oxygen supply, controlling raised intracranial pressure, and maintaining proper cerebral blood flow. Cranial pressure can be relieved using a catheter or by opening the skull and the patient is usually intubated to assure adequate oxygen supply. TBI can also result in cardiac arrhythmia and pulmonary edema. These conditions are monitored and treated as needed.

Prognosis is dependent on the severity, mechanism of injury and time between injury and access to specialized care. The effects of mild TBI usually resolve within about three weeks while some degree of permanent disability is nearly 100% in cases of severe traumatic brain injury. The most common residual effects are loss of memory, behavioral and intellectual deficits, and convulsions.

Complications of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause a variety of complications, health effects that are not TBI themselves but that result from it. The risk of complications increases with the severity of the trauma; however even mild traumatic brain injury can result in disabilities that interfere with social interactions, employment, and everyday living.

According to the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA), 1.7 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury every year in the U.S. Those who suffer from TBIs are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, muscle coordination problems and other disabilities that may require rehabilitation.

The symptoms of traumatic brain injury

The symptoms can vary from mild to moderate and even, depending on the extent of damage done to the brains. A person suffering from milder symptoms may experience unconsciousness for a few seconds or minutes or may remain unconscious for a period of time.

The complications of traumatic brain injury read more

Complications of Traumatic Brain Injury are secondary conditions, symptoms, or other disorders that are caused by TBI. In many cases the distinction between symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury and complications of Traumatic Brain Injury is unclear or arbitrary.

Some of the most common problems associated with traumatic brain injuries include the following:

Loss of motor skills
Long- or short-term memory loss
Paraplegia or quadriplegia
Trouble with senses (i.e. taste, touch, and smell)
Speech or comprehension issues
The treatment of traumatic brain injury

Stem cell treatment has tremendous advantages for traumatic brain injury sequelae, but most patients learn little about it. At present, for TBI patients, there are three treatment methods of stem cell treatment: brainS stereotaxis surgery, lumbar puncture subarachnoid space injection, and intravenous infusion.

The specific treatment depends on the patients’ conditions, and we usually consider combination of 2 or 3 treatments, which takes advantages of each treatment and shows better effect. Many people with TBI have received the second, third even the fourth course of stem cell treatment, and every course shows a certain of improvements.

Healthy Cafe Menu Choices

Café dining patrons have a growing expectation to find healthful food and beverage choices on the menu. Whether managing diabetes or a heart condition through diet, or just being more conscientious of healthy eating practices, guests are now better informed about nutritional value and take into account how each meal or snack choice will fit into their overall nutritional goals.

As a result of this consumer awareness and growing demand, virtually every Café has a selection of healthy menu items in each service of their menu rotation. These healthy choices don’t necessarily replace popular menu favorites like Chicken Fried Steak, Pizza, or Macaroni and Cheese, but instead provide a range of healthy alternatives to café guests. Whether the guest selects a grilled chicken salad labeled as heart healthy, or decides to indulge in a grilled cheese sandwich with fries, the choice is left up to the guest.

So how do you measure the performance of healthy menu items, and determine which ones should remain in rotation, and which ones should be replaced with more appealing choices? Although the long line out the door whenever the Sushi Chef prepares fresh California Rolls at lunchtime is the only clue you will need to measure the popularity of the Sushi Bar, other items will require a review of historical sales data to evaluate their performance see more at healthy cafe menu choices.

To track healthy meal sales, all menu items within the inventory file of the Café’s POS System should be added to an appropriate department, and then sorted further into a sub department or sub category. Label one of your sub departments “Healthy” to track healthy sales. For example, an egg white omelet could be added to the breakfast department, then further sorted into the sub department of Healthy. A turkey and vegetable wrap may be added to the lunch department, then added to the sub department Healthy. As a result of this categorization, both the egg white omelet and the turkey wrap will appear in the “Healthy” sub department, which will make tracking and comparing their historical sales information an easy process. Depending upon your POS system’s reporting abilities, an alternative approach is to create a Healthy Department, then create sub departments of breakfast, lunch, etc. and then create reports using the Healthy Department as a sorting method. With either approach, sales history reporting is available to track the Café’s Healthy item sales.

Upon a review of the sales performance data, healthy menu items which are not selling well could be discounted to help market the items and improve their sales. Review sales history data again after promoting the discount so that the effectiveness of this marketing strategy can be measured.

Tell us about the success of your Healthy menu selections, and what has helped promote their sales.

Gluten Free Bread Brands

When we talk about gluten free bread brands, the first thing which comes in our minds is about the gluten free diet. It is a diet that excludes the presence of gluten from the food. Gluten is a protein which is normally found in wheat and it is used as a thickening agent. Doctors highly recommend the diet that is free of gluten as the only treatment for the patients suffering from wheat allergy, celiac disease or any other similar allergies or diseases. Checkout Gluten-Free Bread for more info.The term gluten free means the presence of gluten in a very small amount (i.e. harmless) rather than a complete absence. Specially conducted studies show that consuming 10 mg of gluten per day is harmless and it is unlikely to cause any abnormalities.

Gluten Free Bread Brands are one of the most widespread meals around. People enjoy having these brands almost everywhere, either at some sit down restaurants or even at homes. If we consider the market value of these famous brands a few years ago, it was not widely demanded by the customers since the manufacturers did not offer much in terms of texture or taste. However, few of us can bake our own bread at homes but fortunately; the manufacturers of these brands have established their own stores for delivering their excellent products to the customers.

There are over 20 brands that are free of gluten, for example Ener-G, Foods for Life, Against the grain, Glutino, Kinnikinnick foods, Rudi’s Gluten free bakery and many others. All of these manufacturers are specialized in a variety of different products or different tastes according to the targeted market area. But prior to making a section among different brands of breads that do not contain gluten, you must clear your minds about the available products that are offered by every brand and then go through the comments of those people who have already tried the particular brand or product. This review will help you in choosing the best available product and hence you will enjoy eating the product even more as compared to only going to the store and buy the certain product which is free of gluten.


The only treatment for the persons suffering from celiac disease is to consume the gluten free diet. Besides the medical benefits, food that is free of gluten also helps a person in a loss of weight. However, using the gluten free diet for long can cause many deficiencies in your body too. Utilizing such breads means that a person is not eating the healthy natural diet rich in necessary nutrients. The foods that do not contain gluten, have many other nutrients as well such as iron, folate and fiber etc. Additionally, the gluten free foods are not available everywhere, so many patients could not get it to consume minimum amount of gluten that is recommended by the doctors.

When to See a Chiropractor – Info

People nowadays do not only manage their time, budget, and resources; but, most of all they manage their health. It is about time for you to do the same. Many turn to chiropractors to manage their health in a very safe way. Checkout questions about seeing a chiropractor for more info.

Chiropractors cure and relieve lower back pains, improve reflexes, correct joint and tendon problems, align spinal chord, and promote better posture.

So, when should you see a Chiropractor? There are several things that you need to know in order to determine when to consult one or even why see one. You should ask the following questions before deciding when would you see a Chiropractor:

What is Chiropractic and how is it compared to Medical treatment?

Chiropractic is a therapeutic alternative treatment for medical care. If you choose to be feeling like in a massage spa gently performed with the hands during treatment than in a surgical or operating room, then you should surely rather go to a Chiropractor. Because Chiropractic generally involves “manual treatment” or hand treatment you are spared from scars from operations and even sometimes from injections.

What are Chiropractors and can they be trusted?

Chiropractors, just like medical doctors, also studied for four years to get to their profession. Their major concerns are the effects of the neuromusculoskeletal system and its effect on the body’s control and performance. Knowing that every single body functions and actions are all controlled with the nervous system, Chiropractors seek the aid for different health problems by diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neuromusculoskeletal problems. As for the end effect of Chiropractic treatment and Medical treatment, there is not much difference really. Both are equally satisfying.

What is Chiropractic for?

Chiropractic concerns itself with the spine. The belief that the nervous system controls all the functions of the body, a single misalignment in the spine can cause different problems to the human body. Thus, Chiropractic practice helps correct the spinal problems by means of adjustments.

When do I have to see a Chiropractor?

If you are suffering from some of the problems mentioned above, then you should see a Chiropractor immediately. And as said, your body, as it goes and ages, undergoes some degenerative changes, especially the spine. Only a chiropractor can help you manage your spine as your age continue to grow. Subluxation correction will prevent and cure chronic problems in aging. Chiropractic treatment is one of the most reliable help for people of old ages while others who seek help from a Chiropractor suffer from headaches, ear infections, joint misalignment, arthritis, muscle and back pains, and others. You don’t have to suffer from these problems in order for you to qualify yourself to see a one. Your day-to-day activities like play, work, chores and others are spinal stressing and pressuring. You may not be experiencing any pain at the moment but soon symptoms of spinal problems will come to you and eventually, will adversely affect your activities.