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The first topic I will discuss is Search Engine Optimization. This involves tweaking your website and performing backlinking activities, as well as providing good quality content for your visitors. You already have some content on your main site, and this is sufficient for getting started. Also you can use some free WordPress plugins can be used to tweak your site without any complicated computer code.

So what you want to start doing is getting as many good backlinks to your site as possible. This involves contacting or registering with as many top ranked, high traffic sites and forums and linking back to your site. This improves search engine positions – you want to be in the top ten page of a Google unless you’ll not get much business this way.

You should only get a maximum of three backlinks a day, otherwise Google will flare you up as a spammer and ban your site. Also be cautious with people offering you packages where you get 4000 backlinks in a week. This will destroy your ranking, as Google’s algorithms are quite smart these days and you’ll be snared right away.

Keyword Research

Before you begin generating backlinks to your site, you must find out which keywords to target, so the search engine users get specifically what they want (content relevance). The tool I use is the Google keyword suggestion tool

What you want to look for here is high traffic keywords with local monthly searches. So choose around ten of the keywords you think are most relevant to your services.

Now for each backlink title, you must include a title with your main keyword (law, lawyer, etc) and one secondary keyword phrase, for example:

LisaWong Law – Top San Diego Criminal Law Experts

Now for each of your ten chosen keywords, create titles like those above and save in a text file. Also, you’ll need a 25 – 30 word description, and around three or four of those too. Reason for this is because Google will detect duplicate content and the backlink will not count.

Submitting to Directories

Online directory sites are a bit like the Yellow Pages online, and most are free. You need to visit each site, register and post your title and description you’ve just made up. Now some of the directory sites are manually reviewed by humans, and can take a couple of months for your link to be made public, and for this reason I do this first. It can be a bit tedious doing this, but the links are well worth it. I use a free software for this, and it speeds things up a little

Pinterest Partnering With Retailers

Pinterest, Retailers, and Marketing
Pinterest is now partnering with retailers, which will result in them having a major impact on the way Pinterest can be used as a marketing social media tool.

Pinterest has been looking for more ways to integrate itself with mainstream trends and social media marketing ever since it’s 2010 release. Pinterest’s format allows you to see the common interests and desires of tons of different types of users, making it a great source to collect data for social media marketing.Checkout this content for more info.

Research for social media marketing can be found in the user’s preferences. How? Users browse through and select pins that are attached to their personal Pinterest board. These pins are key in social media marketing; they are the gateways to endless purchasing opportunity and power.

The pins that users select are items that they have a willingness to purchase. Because of this, Pinterest is partnering with retail and online enterprises such as Target and eBay to add more information about the specific product and offer ways for users to purchase them. It is up to the individual brands, represented via pins, to augment their own social media marketing tactics by addressing persuasive and concrete information to the user.

The Simple Layout of Pinterest
Pinterest’s simple web layout makes it easy for users to select pins that attract them. According to their developing plans, Pinterest is looking to have companies add detailed specifications to their products’ pins. This will make it so Pins will be updated with the information needed for users to select movie titles, search for recipes, and gather pricing and availability.

This will open up a plethora of new opportunities in social media marketing, allowing marketers a whole new array of information to access. This opens up another marketing channel for both big manufacturers and smaller retail stores to sell their products.

Mixing Business With Pleasure
Pinterest will soon embody the idea of mixing business with pleasure: an ultimate fantasy for marketers. By allowing users to login to their favorite social media website and indirectly shop for their favorite brands, the animosity towards and overabundance of direct ads will be greatly lessened, or maybe even eliminated all together. Ironically, this will be accomplished by exposing users to advertising through Pinterest. However, the advertising will be presented in a whole new fashion. Users will be selecting which advertisements they see and will be able to easily research the products that interest them. Consumers will be picking and choosing just what they have advertised towards them.

Advertising will be subliminal since it’s content in the pin will be crafted by the marketer to provide an aesthetically appealing look that will draw in consumers. The common user will not even notice a difference between the advertisement and your standard pin of graphic and text. Social media marketing in Pinterest can clearly reveal the exact target audiences, demographics, product styles, packaging, and consumer behavior a product needs to increase its sales and popularity.

Instant Gratification
Social media market research will be on a new level now thanks to the immediate input of research pouring in from each Pinterest user. Pinterest has links followed by Google to increase the awareness of a product or service. This is yet another innovative way to augment search engine optimization. Instant feedback is reported to social media marketing when users are interacting with a virtual advertising graphic: a pin.

Users will be able to operate the site through their smart phones, while advertisers can track the results to help them analyze and adjust their social media marketing strategies for optimal results. With the massive shift in culture to a mobile depend society, Pinterest’s users are addicted and visually stimulated by the site. Therefore, the frequency on the site does not need to be motivated by marketing campaigns. Basically, the customer is already at the door, this breaks down the marketing process to just presentation and delivery in just the touch of a button.

Introduction To SEO

Online marketing has become obligatory towards the growth of a website. It is very similar to the umbilical cord that is wrapped around the neck of a child. It is just that the chord can be cut once the baby is delivered but online marketing cannot be stopped. It has to be the albatross that is forever hung around the neck of the ancient mariner. Internet marketing has become an integral part of website growth and has ensured that the website remains in contention towards phenomenal growth, visibility and excellence. SEO Services ensure that internet marketing and optimization go in tandem and create a rippling effect. Being a by-part of the latter, SEO optimizes a website and takes it to the top of the search rankings.Source

SEO services are the best way to optimize a website. The services take hold of the website and hold it firmly until it reaches the zenith. The features deployed, the links submitted and all the tagging done, serves as a vital concoction towards website growth and ensures that it has an invigorating journey towards the top. In a certain sense, it also markets the website well. During the journey of reaching the top, the website gains fame when it climbs the ladder and comes to the attention of rivals and web users constantly browsing the web for better services. It also gets noticed by users who are very finicky about the quality of service as well as being rank conscious.

Online marketing cannot come in a better form than SEO. Multiple goals are accomplished through one task. The website is optimized and fame too comes along the way. The moment recognition starts coming in, calls starts pouring in for business initiatives. Potential clients are interested in knowing the service that the website has to offer and show a lot of inquisitiveness regarding the content of the service. Online marketing happens along the way as word about the website is constantly spread by the client to other prospective associates as well. The service gets noticed and reported and others too want to try it out.

This all results in a terrific promotional activity where the website rises, becomes famous and gets the promotion that beckons. It keeps getting marketed on the way to the top and does not have to do something special to go the distance where it is assured of the fame that any website administrator could ever envisage for his site. SEO is the undisputed king of online marketing and in comparison to all those online marketing features it scores head and shoulders above them. It is just that it is a domain in itself and has never been promoted as a feature of internet marketing.

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Local Client Takeover- SEO Techniques For New Website

Search engine optimization is about making your site easy for search engines to find. SEO is a cost effective way to market your business. It can help you reach prospects who are searching for your services at the exact time when they need it. Top placement in search results is not guaranteed, but by following five basic steps, you will improve your chances of getting good rankings. While Pay Per Click advertising is the only surefire way to get front page placement, SEO is an effective, low cost marketing technique. When done properly, it can have a significant impact on your business. You don’t have to be a professional search engine optimization company to implement some basic SEO that will help the ranking of your site. (If you need a refresher on the basics, check out our basic introduction to SEO.) Here are the 5 basic SEO techniques that every website should take advantage of:

  1. Keywords. You should understand which keywords and phrases your prospects are searching for so you can use them throughout your site. But, it’s not about which keywords are the most popular. It’s about which keywords best describe your business. The phrase “search engine optimization” is very popular, but the phrase “affordable SEO in New York City” might better describe your business. Check out the Google Keyword Tool for keyword ideas.More information,local client takeover.
  1. Use keyword rich content throughout your site. The search engines read the content of your website, and use it to determine your ranking. So it’s important that your keywords are present in your actual website text. It’s important to remember that the content of your site has two jobs, to appeal to the search engines, and to appeal to the reader. See our article, The Content of Your Website Has Two Jobs. Another great way to have constantly updated, keyword rich content in your website is to have a blog.
  1. Use descriptive page titles. A page title is one of the most important things search engines use to find your site. (The title is what you see at the very top of your internet browser.) Remember, titles aren’t just seen by the search engines, they are also seen by your websites visitors. Don’t overload your title with keywords or phrases, just concentrate on the most important ones that really represent your business.
  1. Use keyword rich meta tags. Meta tags are the html tags at the top of your web page code. They are another way that the search engines find your website. Make sure to use a description tag for your web pages. A good description tag is usually two or three sentences and has the strongest keywords or phrases incorporated into it. Search engines aren’t paying as much attention to keyword tags, but there is no harm in putting 5 or 6 keywords into a keyword tag on your site. Don’t overload your tags-less is more.
  1. Remember the importance of incoming links. The quantity and quality of incoming links are important to the ranking of your website. There are many ways to increase incoming links to your website. Some include posting comments on blogs, writing articles, utilizing social networking sites, or finding partners to link to your website. Even if you don’t have a professional SEO company working for you, you can still utilize the basics of search engine optimization to help your website to be more search engine friendly. By implementing these basics, you will have a great advantage to other new websites that don’t. If you want to be more advanced in your SEO pursuits when developing a new website, consider hiring a professional web design & SEO company to handle it for you.