Details About Captain Carpet Cleaners

Carpet is an expensive investment and you want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. This article will give you three things that can damage your carpeting. These are things that you probably would not think about. The first thing that can damage your carpets is house plants. You should try to avoid placing plants on carpeting. If you do have to place them on carpets make sure that they have a good drain pan underneath them. What can happen is when you water the plant it could overflow. The water that overflows is rich in Nitrogen from the potting soil and it can chemically burn your carpeting. This will leave a permanent stain. So if you must put your plant on the carpet try not to over water them and make sure you have a good pan under them. click to read more

Another thing that can damage your carpet is wooden furniture legs. Wooden legs, especially from antique furniture, can leave varnish stains on the carpet. It doesn’t take much moisture to cause them to stain your carpet. There can be enough moisture in the air on a humid day to cause this. To prevent stains, use furniture pads underneath the legs of wooden furniture.

The last obscure thing that can damage your carpet is a rolling office chair. Rolling chairs will wear your carpeting out very quickly. It would be better to use a chair without wheels on carpet but if you must use a rolling chair make sure that you use a chair pad. Carpet can be very expensive. By keeping an eye out for hidden dangers you can greatly extend the life of your carpets.