Super Affiliate Training Tips

When I started out doing affiliate marketing in 1997 I placed one 468×60 animated banner on one amateurish web page and quickly scored a ten dollar commission. Over the moon with the flush of sudden affiliate success, I duplicated and renewed the initial effort to eventually make $128,000 worth of commissions in the investigative niche. the super affiliate system 3.0 has some nice tips on this.

 But The Internet evolves so fast that niches come and go at lightning speed and perhaps that is why the networked super affiliates all promote the latest product launches, incentivized by their uniquely massive bonus packages. They know that products are not going to be popular for long and so they bombard their subscriber lists with the next big thing, the latest system, software tool or training ebook.

Networking amongst affiliates is a form of social leveraging of other people’s time and resources. Some super affiliates are known to have responsive lists of more than a million email subscribers. Networked lists, then, is a preferred and powerful type of leverage amongst the web’s ‘heavy hitters.’

Email deliverability becomes a critical issue for these big Internet marketers. Notice that this problem seems to be partially solved by these people gathering at for their autoresponder services. This company has done more than any other to ensure that emails sent are not relegated to junk folders on the bigger companies’ mail servers. Tracking of every action is also possible with this service which the elite marketers prefer.

The writer has taken a different tack, focusing on building a large network at Desktop Lightning which broadcasts direct to computer desktops, using a highly efficient software application that runs on the Internet Explorer web browser. The new 2.0 version has a clever viral twist to ensure that networks are created faster. New joiners are first encouraged to tell everyone in their email contact lists at major email providers. A trick I use, is to brand my broadcast messages with consistent, HTML based colors and familiar concept wording. Follow up is a productive idea, too, as people may need to see your advertising message seven times before they whip out their plastic cards and commit to a purchase. Repetition of a message might create familiarity, confidence and trust because the item is ‘time tested.’

Conclusion and Thoughts on Leverage

Super affiliates simply must ‘work the numbers’ in their marketing to be successful. Any system that leverages technology, such as pay per click search engine marketing, or mass broadcasting with automated follow up, is worth a look at if you want to drastically increase your earned commissions. Article writing and press releases are further examples of Internet leverage.

Finally, there is social leverage, which covers both ‘word of mouth’ and leverage of ‘other people’s time.’ This social networking phenomenon is exploding all over The Internet now and affiliate marketers are racing to understand and exploit it. Fortunes will be made by business associates promoting other people’s products in this fast expanding networked environment.