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Does anyone say as a child they would like to grow up to be an addict one day? No one wants that type of life but millions of people find themselves struggling with addiction every day. It’s a devastating condition that wreaks havoc on families and people from all walks of life. It’s not just bums on the street. It’s doctors, lawyers, teenagers and soccer moms. weblink

Drug addiction is at staggering levels and many people struggling with this feel they have no hope of recovery. Most treatment centers and counselors here in the US follow the 12 step notion that addiction is an incurable disease that you are powerless against.

Where then does that leave you? If you have no hope of recovery are you then doomed to a dreadful life?


There is substantial evidence supporting the connection between your mind and body. If your mind can think and believe something then you can actually retrain your subconscious into reinforcing that thought into actions.

So for example, if you can get the thought that drug addiction recovery is possible into your subconscious, your brain will actually begin working towards that goal.

That’s such an important statement because many people laugh off the power of thought but time and time again it’s been proven to work.

Every great invention was developed in someone’s mind. Our brains have incredible power and can impact every cell in our body. It’s important to fill them with positive thoughts especially when overcoming drug dependency.

It’s not just a matter of will power when thinking of drug addiction recovery, it’s harder than that. Non-addicted individuals may feel that the cure lies in just not using again but we know it’s not that easy.

We can’t just quit because the drugs and alcohol are our means of coping with life. It may be to escape the stress of an unhappy home or to forget about painful childhood memories. Whatever your reason, you are using drugs or alcohol as a medication.

The real solution lies in retraining your brain to use new, healthier coping mechanisms and get in better habits of a drug/alcohol free lifestyle.

If you can believe in something, you can achieve it. Believe in the possibility of sobriety and begin putting your addiction in remission today.